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    We are always trying to create opportunities for women to connect with like minded women in a supportive, inclusive and fun environment.

    We have two key rules for every ride:

    1. Inclusion- We are all on our own journey, both in life and in cycling. We do not judge each other on what we wear, what we ride or even what we do or don't know. Instead we support, encourage and accept each other for the wonderful humans we are!

    2. No negative self talk - As women in particular we are so hard on ourselves and always comparing ourselves to others who are ahead of where we want to be. This has such a negative impact on our growth, potential and self worth. So when you are with us, put those mean comments about yourself away and just be yourself in an accepting environment. You may discover you are more amazing than you realise!


    We are planning some fun road and mountain bike events for the coming months so make sure you have signed up to our newsletter to receive the updates.

    We are always inclusive! Never leave a man behind. We encourage women to support each other. After all we have all been the slower rider on a ride before. And we will all get the chance to be the strongest rider. Just good fun riding with some fun challenges along the way. 


    Save these dates with many more to come! Also sign up to our newsletter to get the updates on new social rides.

    7th April - Ride The Epic Trail with us at Mt Buller

    5th May - Epic Adventure Loop - Red Hill

    More to come soon!