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    To us cycling is about meeting new people, (finding your tribe), keeping fit and healthy, traveling to new places, taking on new challenges and adventures. And enjoying the simple pleasures in life......good food, natural beauty, friends, fresh air, cold mornings, beautiful sunrises and of course,....coffee!      

                                                                                                                                                           Our purpose is simple:

    • Inspire more women to take up cycling
    • Inspire women to pursue new cycling adventures
    • Support women through sharing of knowledge and advice
    • Have some fun along the way!

    We want to be a contributor to the growth of women cycling. We want to see as many women on bikes as men. We want equal prize money for men and women. We want sponsors to provide the same opportunities for women as there are for men. We want women's cycling to get the same airtime on TV as men's racing does.

    And it can be done!

    Join our tribe! Together we can change the world!


    Tracy Esterhuyzen - Founder & Chief Adventure Planner 

    Tribal Cycling was founded by Tracy Esterhuyzen, a passionate XC mountain biker and road rider.  She was introduced to the sport at quite a late stage in her life through friends who mountain bike.  They convinced her to join their 24hr mountain bike team as the 'token chick'. All she had to do was one lap. How hard could that be? So she thought,' Why not?' With no practice, a borrow squeaky bike, she turned up and raced. It rained for 24hrs and she had a blast. A month later she bought herself a mountain bike. And hasn't looked back since.

    Since then she has raced road, mountain biking and even cycled across Africa.

    But when she started racing mountain bikes, she was surprised by how few women were racing. There were quite a few women there who had mountain bikes, but chose to watch instead. It was this that sparked Tracy to encourage more women to step off the sidelines and enter races. And she hasn't stopped since.

    If she has her way women will out number men at mountain bike and road races, and out on the road.