We are big believers that skills are a valuable part of your cycling that you need to keep on improving. We often spend so much time focusing on how fast or strong we are, yet forget how much of an impact improving your skills can make to your riding.

Working on your skills will help you feel more confident, challenge your self in new environments, be a safer rider and make you a more efficient, faster rider.

We have a range of skills clinics for both road and mountain biking. Each clinic focusses on a different skill or element of riding. This way if you have a particular skill you need to work on you can just complete that course. And if you are new and want to learn a range of skills you can do them as a series of clinics.

Here are some of the clinics we will be offering over the next coming months;

Road Skills Clinics

  • Level 1 - Climbing, descending & cornering
  • Level 2 - Climbing, descending & cornering

Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

  • FUNdamentals Mountain Biking 
  • Cornering & Berms
  • Roll offs, rock gardens and obstacles.