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    Should we go back to Bright?

    Should we go back to Bright?

    I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks reflecting on my choices and if I want to keep running a business. And if so, how? And what kind of impact do I want to have.


    The thing that has always stood true is that I love challenging what women think they are capable of. Both on and off the bike. If you tell me you are terrified of riding in the drops. Well, game on! Spend 3 hours with me and I'll have you descending down a mountain in your drops. And hopefully with a smile too.


    Why? Cause I wasn’t naturally gifted at this sport when I started. And cause I know what it is like to be faced with fear head on. And not know how you will overcome it. So nothing gives me more joy than turning my life lessons into tools that you can use to overcome your fears.


    So I definitely know I want to keep running our clinics, even if I am only able to run a few across the year. But what about our other events. What about our retreats? They are a lot of work and a lot of planning goes into them. We also don't have a massive capacity to take extra people. And I don't want to increase the price. So is it really worth it?


    I was looking through our photo albums and I found pictures from our first ever cycling retreat. I found this image below and it made my heart melt. I remember every single story on this trip. And every women that has ever ridden with us. And this picture captured only one of the many that will live with me forever.



    The women I have met through these retreats will all have a place in my heart always. I have felt your fears, been inspired by your determination, laughed and cried with you. I have ridden beside you as you conquered your mountain, drank wine and ate till we could roll home, gone swimming in local pools and sat in silence, as we ended the day doing yoga beneath the tree top canopy  You have sworn at me whilst climbing, but then hugged me when you reached the top, laughed at me (yes, I get pretty goofy on these trips) and inspired me more than you I will ever know.


    And so I have decided, we are going back! Cause I want more women to experience the joy of conquering mountains with someone riding next to you. I want more women to learn the skill they need to fly down the mountain they just conquered, not in fear but with the absolute feeling of freedom that comes with it! Get the chance to meet other likeminded women and form life long friendships. And all in such a beautiful part of the world.

    We are going back to Bright for another Cycling Retreat. And this time with a little difference. Let's take on an extra mountain!



    Bring on three day & three nights of cycling, skills clinics, guided rides with a support vehicle taking on Mt Buffalo, Falls Creek and on the last day either Tawonga or Hotham. Add in some yoga and meditation, amazing food and of course, wine. And I'm sure plenty of laughing!



    I can't wait to tackle some mountains and share some amazing new stories together.

    X Tracy



    Truth behind the scenes

    Truth behind the scenes

    If I knew what I know now when I started my business, would I have done it all again? Not sure. Probably not to be honest. Why you ask?

    Mainly because I wasn't equipped with the skills or resources I have needed to deal with the challenges that came my way. Secondly, because I would never have started a business the same year I lost so much personally.

    Why am I telling you this story? Well, honestly because I saw a bad review this week about my business and the truth was I agreed with everything she said. The words “disappointed” rang not only true for her but me as well.

    How did I get here? How did it not go to plan? I had such high expectations of myself and dreams to conquer the world.

    I have to accept this as my reality. That I can't change the past or my failures. I can’t change that 6 months into a new business, I had a miscarriage and my marriage fell apart. That I not only lost his family but mine too in the process. I can’t change the the fact that I made massive mistakes in my business especially when it came to getting our cycling kit manufactured. I used  every penny I had saved to keep my business going.

    If you were one of the people that had ordered kit, you have every reason to be disappointed, and angry. I am just sorry that I let you down. I’m sorry that my failures affected you.

    Our kit will launch next summer. But in the meantime we have started to refund all the orders. The funny part? Is that my day job is paying back those orders. Never did I think that this would be my reality. Funny? No. But sometimes I laugh and then sometimes I cry.

    I was foolish. I did everything wrong. And I have learnt the hard way. I tried to do it all on my own. I didn't look after my own health. Which only meant I let others down when I was sick. I didn't ask for help. And I kept posting happy pictures on Instagram of me riding my bike. And people would message me things like, ‘How lucky are you! You get paid to ride bikes.’

    The reality was that behind the scenes I had no idea how I would get through this. It got really dark. And to be honest for a little while I lost my way. Saw no way out. Didn’t know how to go from being married to my best friend and planning a family, to running a failing business and having to consider dating on Tinder at 35. Seriously?! Wtf?! Bankruptcy was knocking very loudly on my door. I had no idea how the hell I was going to pay my rent let alone refund orders and rebuild a business.

    I know what it is like to stand at death's door and consider knocking. I am ashamed to admit it, but I considered leaving this world because my reality was so painful. The only reason I can write this now, is because I have worked really hard to rebuild myself.

    Don't get me wrong, I still have no bloody idea what I am doing most of the time. I know that running this business and having a positive impact is what I want to do. I can't be perfect, or change my failures. But I am committed to this business. To supporting more women take their riding to new amazing places

    To every single person who has stood by me and our business. Sent me a message sharing that you rode in your drops, dragged your man or friend down a mountain, overcame your fear, entered your first race, rode that rock garden, wrote a review for our business, tagged Tribal Cycling when you wore our socks or apparel, messaged me out of the blue sharing your riding adventure. You are all the reason I have been able to keep going! You are the reason I didn't quit! So thank you a million times over! 

    What now? Well, I am committed to taking Tribal Cycling into the next phase. I am committed to refunding everyone who ordered kit. And we will launch a beautiful new line next summer. I am committed to making sure that we support more women grow through their riding journey. Tackle their fears and go on some amazing adventures. And the best part is its not just me this time. We will be driving Tribal Cycling into the next phase as team. I am excited to be working with amazing women who are just as passionate as me. And who bring some great values and skills to the table as well. Can't wait to introduce you to them soon.

    So join us for the next crazy adventure!


    x Tracy

    Life lessons I learnt from my bike

    Life lessons I learnt from my bike

    Riding is definitely something different to everyone. But after going through a rough patch in my life I realise that riding has been so much more to me than a sport. Often it has been the only thing in my week that has made sense. And gave me such a sense of purpose, belonging, accomplishment and freedom. But in reflecting what I have gained from cycling I realise I have learnt some really valuable life lessons from my bike. Thought I’d share a few.

    Failure is part of success

    Failure is definitely a funny topic. And our relationship with ‘failure” definitely has to shift. We are so quick to let our failures make us feel like they define us, yet it is what we do after that counts. Its easy to not fail if you never stretch yourself. But if you want to grow, (or become a better cyclist), then embrace failure! For every time you fail you have the chance to walk away with a new lesson or skill. Now put that lesson into practice and that where the magic happens! Growth! So next time you fail, get up, have a good laugh, take away the lesson, put it into action and embrace your opportunity for growth!

    Embrace play

    Something I have learnt to do a lot more in the recent. Why? Because when you embrace “play” as an adult you open yourself up to living in the moment, falling and laughing about it, ( which leads to growth and learning), you embrace things not going to plan as an adventure and most importantly you have fun! After all the purpose in life is to have fun! And so it should be with riding too. When was the last time you were a big kid, laughed so hard you cry, and embraced some adventure in your life?

    Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20

    The comparison game. We all do it. All of the time. And its terrible! Most of the time we are comparing someone who is successful and achieving their goals against ourselves when we have only just started. But you didn't see them the first week or first ride. When they failed, cried, didn't finish or fell over. You only see what happens when someone keeps getting up! They are 20 steps ahead of you. And you just started. Be kind to yourself, and celebrate their success. Cause you will get there too.

    Just don't compare!

    Just don't! It doesn’t achieve anything! We all have our own path. We all come with different strengths and opportunities. We all have our own journey to take. The most successful people I know, embrace their strengths and keep working on their opportunities. They can celebrate the success of others and know it doesn't take away from theirs.

    Set goals that light you up, yet scare you a little

    This is the hardest lesson to learn. It is so easy to set goals that those around us will be impressed by. But I can guarantee working hard towards a goal that isn’t really yours will basically suck! It won't align with what makes you happy. The journey will feel harder and forced. You will recent the work. But when you can recognise what really lights you up, and set goals around that. Yes they still need to scare you a little. Then that is when the journey and hard work will be an adventure. And the hard moments bearable cause you know it will be worth it. And the accomplishment will be so worth the hard work!

    So this year, don't be scared to take a different road to others around you. Chase that idea you have been thinking about. It doesn't matter if you think you can or can't, just go for it!  I promise it will be an adventure!

    You dont want to race? What then?

    You dont want to race? What then?

    The last couple of weeks the women's road racing scene has had a new buzz and energy to it. The SheRace initiative that has launched in Victoria, (which we secretly hope will eventually roll out across Australia), has definitely connected with our community. Their values of fun and inclusion have brought a much needed warmer vibe to the road racing scene.

    But what happens if you don’t have that competitive bone in your body or racing isn't something you want to pursue right now?

    Well, the great thing about our sport is there are some many ways to pursue your own adventure, and racing is only one way.

    I am a super competitive person, but even I go through stages where I don't want to place myself on a start line and take on others in my sport. I am especially less competitive when my life is at max capacity. Or my soul is in need of some restoration. And trust me, learning to listen to heart and your body is the best lesson you can learn.

    So I thought Id share with you some other goals you can add to your list that don't include racing.

    Try a new discipline

    There are so many disciplines of riding and all so diverse, yet fun in their own way. Each one will challenge you in a new way, and when  you get a new bike or start a new discipline of cycling it takes you back to the very first moment you got your first bike. That joy and pleasure is so priceless! Also a great excuse to add another bike to your family.

    Go back to why you started

    What was the reason you started riding? Was it to race? For most of us it was the pure joy of riding in sunshine, exploring new places and meeting like minded beautiful people. The simple joy and freedom of being able to go anywhere you want to go and nothing can stop you. The wind in your hair and wind at your back. I challenge you to put your garmin in your pocket or even leave it at home. Get on your bike and follow you nose. Stop worrying about how far or fast you are going. Or if you have improved. Simply enjoy the journey!


    Join a new riding group

    One of my favourite quotes for life is “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” . This isi so true in so many ways. But often we dont realise that if we ride with the same people we will only learn what they know, and their goals and ambitions influence ours. So join a new group. See cycling through someone else eyes. Have new conversions and expand the idea of what cycling can be to you.


    Give back

    We were all lucky enough to have someone support us when we started cycling. Taking time to support others in our sport will not only pay forward the gift that someone gave you but it will also reignite your love and appreciation for your sport. The absolute joy I receive from supporting others is often the best moment of my week. It also helps you appreciate the progress you have made rather than always seeing what you haven’t achieved yet.

    Learn new skills

    When was the last time you went out on your bike with the intention of just practicing or learning new skills? We are often so quick to focus on training and going faster, that we forget the key art of perfecting or improving skills. And the great thing is that it is a load of fun. When you go back to training, improved skills will have a massive impact on your overall riding experience. From improved efficiencies, less energy spent, improved speed, greater confidence, better bike handling ability and a lot more room to have fun!


    Explore more

    My favorite! Why? Because there is nothing better for the soul than going on an adventure and they don't have to cost a lot either. The great thing is that adventures can be done in your way. When was the last time you jumped on your bike and followed your nose, went in search of a new cafe, or pulled open a map and set out on roads that you have never ridden. Remember you can start small and work up to bigger adventures. You can solo or you can go with an adventure buddy. The options are endless. And the adventure is yours to create! The research and planning phase for adventures is just as much fun! So go start planning and see where your bike will take you!

    Keeping riding! Keep exploring! And share your adventures with us by tagging @tribalcycling in your pics. We love to see where you and your bike are off to.



    Tracy Esterhuyzen

    What is SheRace?

    What is SheRace?

    So if you live in Melbourne you may have noticed the women's road race community has a new spirit lit within it. Women are coming around to support each other, cheering each other on at their local club races and even organising to ride together like Beyonce’s possy to their local race, and women who have never raced are stepping up and signing up for their first races.

    Well if you are wondering who has been responsible for this sudden shift? Her name is Rebecca Covington. And she has been the amazing woman behind the SheRace Initiative. We recently spoke to Bec and she shares how SheRAce has come about and what they hope to achieve.

    ‘The inspiration for SheRace came from a Facebook post that asked “what’s stopping you from racing?” The comments on the post clearly showed us that Melbourne has an incredible community of women who all want to see more women racing.

    We realised there was a gap that needed filling. There are so many individuals and clubs doing incredible things to promote women’s racing. It was tying them all together through the racers themselves which was the missing piece.

    With SheRace, it is our goal to provide a platform to achieve this. SheRace is committed to creating a community of women encouraging other women to find their inner bike racer. From the workshops we’ve held so far, we have two main goals;

    • To create a support network for new racers to feel welcomed into the community and confident to show up and race.
    • To share knowledge and information that will assist new racers to understand the ins and outs of racing. It’s a complex sport and we’ve learnt that this is a barrier to getting started. We want to work to remove that barrier.

    While we are just getting started and know we have a way to go to make an impact, we are committed to our values and these will guide us in all our decisions:

    • Inclusivity: We all share a love of racing bikes. Nothing else matters.
    • Collaboration: Competition is for on the bike. We’re all in this together.
    • Community: Change will only come from the community up. Everyone needs to take ownership of SheRace We want to create a space for women to have fun racing bikes, but that also allows them to be competitive and feel the rush of racing and going for their goals. To find that fire inside them that we know builds self-esteem, resilience and a sense of accomplishment. Not only on the bike, but off the bike in other parts of their lives as well.”

    Tribal Cycling are so proud to support the initiative and can’t wait to see how this community is going to flourish as more women support each other. Make sure you follow SheRace on Facebook and Instagram to get involved.

    Thanks Mich Adventures for the photo. Reach out to her Facebook page too.


    Want to join your first race but nervous you are lacking the skills?

    Join us on the 26th Feb & 5th March for our Race & Bike Handling Clinic